Expert to Expert Interview, Lisbon, Portugal: October 2018
Professor Eyal Grunebaum (The Hospital for Sick Children, Toronto, ON, Canada) and Professor Michael Hershfield (Duke University, Durham, North Carolina, USA)


Professor Grunebaum and Professor Hershfield discuss advances in the management of ADA-SCID, looking at a range of factors that have influenced change, including thoughts about therapeutic options for now and the future.

What major factors have changed the management of ADA-SCID in recent years?[0:32]
The role of enzyme replacement therapy today[7:50]
What are the current therapeutic options?[11:02]
Monitoring therapeutic effects: it is a team effort[14:22]
Importance of genotype/phenotype correlations[17:49]
“It is a different picture today”[21:47]
What can we hope for in the future?[24:51]

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